Burnisher Rod Kit

Burnisher Rod Kit

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The Burnisher Rod Kit is the perfect companion to keep your Roarockit Profile Scraper sharp for years to come.


Burnisher Rod Kit*

*Profile scraper not included. 

Use these two tools to sharpen the Profile Scraper.

The sanding drum grinds the rounded edge of the worn scraper.

The burnisher rod is then used to create a burred edge which is required to make the Profile Scraper bite into the wood.

While the Roarockit Profile Scraper is delivered to you sharpened, after several uses you will need to sharpen it again in order for it to work effectively.

When your scraper eventually loses its edge, the combination of these two tools allow you to sharpen it with ease. The included palm-fit handle allows you to easily grip the burnisher for effective use.


  • one hardened steel burnisher rod, 1/4"x4" with palm-fit handle
  • one sanding drum, 1/8" shank, 1/2" sanding drum*

*requires the use of a Dremel, hand drill, or drill press

Maintenance :

Use a drop of mineral oil on the burnisher rod while sharpening. Keep the tools in a dry place, lightly oil the burnisher steel when not in use.

If necessary, using a piece of 400 grit wet sandpaper will remove any scratches on the surface of the burnisher.

FAQs :

How can the burnisher put a burr onto the tempered steel Profile Scraper?

The burnisher rod is a harder material than the scraper material.

Do I need to sharpen the Profile Scraper?

Yes, while the Profile Scraper comes sharpened, it will eventually lose its edge.

Do I need to grind the edges every time I sharpen the Profile Scraper?

No. You can re-burnish using the burnisher rod three or four times before having to regrind the edges of the scraper.

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