The warehouses,
the mini & Woodriders

At Roarockit, ideas and projects are always developing, which led us to expand our shaping area to the neighboring depot.

Our warehouse

We moved into our first warehouse in Martignas about 5 years ago.

This place is above all for storing our stock and preparing orders (you can also come and collect your orders directly on site). We store our raw material here; maple veneer, presses, molds, glues and tools. We carefully prepare each of your custom orders, perform laser engravings and cutting services, prepare our presses, custom CNC molds and much more.
Upstairs are the offices and a Showroom with our range of clothing, shaping and skate tools.

At Roarockit, ideas and projects are always developing, which led us to expand our shaping area to the neighboring depot.

Our 2ⁿᵈ warehouse

This second warehouse is dedicated to skateboard building workshops. We specifically set up the premises to accommodate beginners as well as experts in an ideal environment for building skateboards; with a "Shaper Lab" for custom designing and shaping your molds to pressing boards, a varnish booth and a large space for sanding and finishing touches.

Not to mention the Mini Ramp. Made by us during the first confinement, this mini ramp is of course for our personal pleasure but not only, it is also open to the public and skateboard associations, on request and during dedicated hours.

We also share this place with skateboard maker Paul of "Wooda Boards" and luthier woodworker, Flo of "Pinu Guitares".

This led us to create the association “Woodriders” - a way of expressing and putting a name on this unique makers space.

The Woodriders Association

By bringing together and sharing knowledge of woodworking, diy and skateboards, the WOODRIDERS association will aim to promote shapers / makers and the art and culture related to it.

By offering sport and cultural events open to the public on site or elsewhere, such as “shaper meetings”, after-work events, shape and skate events, small concerts, local artists of all kinds, trick & ride contests and the list goes on. We look forward to sharing a good time here together, whether it be for a session on the ramp, a board building workshop or just to discover the place, pop by and say hi, it is always a pleasure.

You can to find out more about Woodriders, upcoming events, as well as our schedules and available slots for the ramp, directly on the association's website -

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