Sealing Tape 50' (15 metres) Roll

Sealing Tape 50' (15 metres) Roll

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Use this large roll to change the sealing tap of your TAP bags.


Sealing Tape 50' (15 metres)

Sealing Tape 50' (15 metres).

Eventually the sealing tape that came with your Thin Air Press bag will be used up and it's time to replace it.

This roll is perfect if you have multiple Thin Air Press bags and use them a lot.

Replacing sealing tape is one of the most important ways to keep your TAP bags working properly.

How to use this product:

Peel off all of the old tape before adding a new strip.

When replacing a strip, it is VERY important to get the tape squished into the far edges of the TAP bag.

Use a rounded edge block or the handle of the pump to push the sealing goo into both side edges.


Keep your sealing tape clean, and replace when the strip becomes ragged and filled with bits of foam, sawdust and glue.

If your tape becomes too thin from repeated uses, it may not have enough thickness to properly seal the bag, so it is time to replace it.

Keep the unused tape in a protected container, as sawdust and other debris get stuck to the sticky tape before you can use it.

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