Designed to supplement our deck builder kits, these refill kits will keep you building more and more boards.

You already have a complete board building kit and would like to build more boards? Here is our selection of pre-shaped veneer refill sets and molds. The pre-shaped veneer sets and molds are to be used together for the best result. 

Dream it, Make it, Ride it. 

Refill Kits

Lil'Rockit Refill set

One set of Lil’Rockit-shaped maple veneer 7-layer set. 
Refill Kits

Pintail Refill Set

One set of Pintail (Longboard)-shaped maple veneer 7-layers.
Refill Kits

Replay Refill Set

A 7-layer set of Replay-shaped maple veneer.
Les + de Roarockit

Canadian maple veneer certified SFI with volume discounts

The parts in our kits are reusable &/or recyclable


Unique patented and reusable press system "Thin Air Press"


An eco responsable concept for shapers, woodworkers, schools and pros

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