Make it yourself.

Now more than ever is the time to get creative!

Providing you with the tools and materials needed to build your own skateboards, longboards and many other curved wood projects is what we are all about. 


how to build
your own skateboard

From 79€ per session


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Roarockit Gift Cards

Surprise your family and friends with a Roarockit gift card. Choices of gift cards for buying online materials (ranging from 20€ to 200€), or a DIY Workshop card.

You will receive the gift card coupon by email following your online purchase, allowing you, your friends and family to use it straight away on our website or to come and have fun at one of our workshops.


Your specialist in skateboard building and other wood working projects. In our shop you will find everything you need to make skateboards and other laminated projects; with the best wood for skateboards, a unique press system, molds, glue, a large choice of tools, as well as tutorials, workshops and courses. The Roarockit team is here to help, whether you are a creative individual, a professional or a school group. Our environmentally friendly concept is innovative and widely used in carpentry, instrument making, woodworking and marquetry, as well as in educational, social and entrepreneurial projects. We do our best to guarantee your satisfaction. DO IT YOURSELF (DIY)!

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  • Learn all about our kits and the steps to building your own board with these neat step by step graphics available to see in full under “how it works” on our website!⠀
Link to our website in bio 👉 Roarockit . Eu ⠀
By @bricklabrique ✏️ 🔥
  • Team Rider @cegenredegala 🔥 🔥 🔥 ⠀
No comment needed !!!⠀
🤙 🛹👀 😍 💪⠀
Photo by @saycheez_prod 📸⠀
#teamrider #awesometricks #lovingit #skateboarding #handmadeboard #roarockitskateboard #decollage #skateboarder #dreamitmakeitrideit
  • Looking for an awesome handmade custom board 👀 ⠀
Talented board builder and artist @lioukouma offers just what you need 🔥 ⠀
From custom shapes to incredible graphics, if you haven’t already check him out!⠀
#boardbuilder #diyskateboard #boardart #lioukoumaskateboards #custom #handmade #customboard #dreamitmakeitrideit
  • Glue-up sessing during a Build Your Board Maker Workshop! 🛹⠀
During our two half day sessions, build your own board from A-Z 🛠️ ⠀
From glue-up to finishing touches!⠀
Always a fun time 😁 🤙 ⠀
#dreamitmakeitrideit #roarockitskateboardeurope #workshop #atelier #boardbuilding #bordeaux #diyskateboard #ateliershape #skate #stageskate
  • If you are in Belgium and want to build your board 🤗⠀
👉 2nd and 3rd of October from 14h - 17h30 @lesdebrouillards (1140 Evere) with @buildmyboard ! 🛹 ⠀
Sign up before it’s too late!⠀
#boardbuilding #workshops #funtimes #diyskateboards #atelier #skate #custom #fabriquetonskate #dreamitmakeitrideit #roarockitskateboardeurope
  • Awesome handmade boards by @julien_achr 🔥 🔥 🔥 ⠀
Handmade custom decks using the Thin Air Press and great graphics 🎨 ⠀
#boardbuilder #skatemaker #handmade #diyskateboards #custom #skateboards #cruisers #dreamitmakeitrideit #roarockitskateboardeurope
  • Fresh batches of Street Deck veneer being prepared 🤤 ⠀
Get your set or big batch of veneer while stock lasts ! ⠀
Dream it, Make it, Ride it ⠀
#wood #veneer #maple #skateveneer #diyskateboard #buildyourown #create #boardbuilding #skatemaker #streetdeck #skateboard #skateboarding #roarockitskateboardeurope
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