Pre-shaped Longboard veneer set
Example of finished pintail board
Pre-shaped Longboard veneer set
Example of finished pintail board

Pintail Refill Set

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One set of Pintail (Longboard)-shaped maple veneer 7-layers.

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Pintail Refill Set.

A set of Pintail (Longboard)-shaped maple veneer 7-layer to be used with a matching shaped foam mold, available seperately.

You are already equipped with a complete board building kit or one of our press kits, these refills are ideal for building more boards. Designed to supplement our deck builder kits, this refill kit will keep you building more and more boards.

Great for workshops, group builds, with family and friends use these pre-shaped refills to build boards easily and without the use of any power tools.

Many different shapes available:

  • Street Deck
  • Replay 
  • Lil'Rockit
  • Old School
  • Bombora Drop Deck

All 6 shapes of boards can be pressed in the 14 x 47” Thin Air Press or larger (a part form the 26x28").

Recommended glue amount for this kit: 16 oz (95 cl)

Product Details

1 Set / Deck includes
2 Face, 3 long grain and 2 cross grain sheets
Size of the deck after sanding
40"L x 9 1/2"W (101.6 cm x 22.85 cm)
Number of Decks included
7-layers of Canadian maple for one board
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    First board mounted without any problem! (Translated review)

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