Canadian maple veneer, coloured and natural, bamboo

Design and build your own deck and other wood projects, using our premium-grade 1/16' thickness hard maple, natural and coloured or bamboo veneer.

You choose exactly how many boards you want to make and whether it be for making street decks, longboards or marquetry projects. You can also choose if you want 7, 8 or 9 layers in each set.

Maple veneer is available in natural or coloured infused sheets.

We offer uncut (rectangular) maple veneer and pre-shaped veneer. Pre-shaped is great for starting out in board building, to be used with our pre-shaped molds for best possible result. 

Uncut veneer is available from 1 deck to 1000 plus sets and all our pricing is digressive. 

Bamboo Veneer 1.6MM Bamboo Veneer 1.6MM 2
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Bamboo Veneer

Bamboo Veneer 1.6MM

Natural coloured bamboo sheets, 1.6 mm thick.
Zigzag Oversize veneer Zigzag Oversize veneer 2
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Zigzag Oversize veneer

Created for making very wide and long snow, surf, ski and powder boards. 
Refill Kits

Lil'Rockit Refill set

One set of Lil’Rockit-shaped maple veneer 7-layer set. 
RockitLam Longboard
In Stock

RockitLam Longboard

Rockitlam is a high pressure decorative laminate, which can be used as a nice finishing sheet for your projects.
For marquetry, jewellery and many other smaller laminating projects, this generous box of offcuts will give you a bundle of material to work with.
RockitLam Street Deck
In Stock

RockitLam Street Deck

Rockitlam is a high pressure decorative laminate, which can be used as a nice finishing sheet for your projects.
Bamboo Veneer

Bamboo 3MM

Natural coloured 3 mm thick bamboo veneer.
Bamboo Veneer

Bamboo 6MM

Natural coloured 6 mm thick bamboo veneer.
Refill Kits

Pintail Refill Set

One set of Pintail (Longboard)-shaped maple veneer 7-layers.
Bamboo Veneer

Bamboo 4MM

Natural coloured 4 mm thick bamboo veneer.

Scrap veneer sheet

Maple veneer scrap sheets for recycling into new projects. 
Les + de Roarockit

Canadian maple veneer certified SFI with volume discounts

The parts in our kits are reusable &/or recyclable


Unique patented and reusable press system "Thin Air Press"


An eco responsable concept for shapers, woodworkers, schools and pros

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