Thin Air Press Adapter Port
Thin Air Press Adapter Port
Thin Air Press Adapter Port
Thin Air Press Adapter Port

Thin Air Press Adapter Port

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Made by Rockler to fit our Thin Air Press bags, this adapter connects to your electric vacuum pump for fast air removal.


Thin Air Press Adapter Port

If you already have an electric vacuum pump, this simple adapter port connects it with the one-way valve of our Thin Air Press kits to remove the air without any effort.

The 3/8” tube end has barbs on it to fit the hose from your pump.

Works well for the very large Thin Air Press vacuum bags.

Suitable for single multiple bag pressings. The electric pump does not need to be connected and running while the bag is under vacuum.


Keep the port free of any glue, sawdust and foam bits that might be ingested into the vacuum pump.

How to use this product

  • Turn on your vacuum pump.
  • Connect the adapter port to the hose from your electric vacuum unit. The barbed end is 3/8”.
  • Connect the adapter by positioning it on top of the grey valve on the Thin Air Press vacuum bag.
  • Do not remove the top cap of the valve.
  • Once the air is removed from the TAP bag, remove the adapter from the one-way valve.


Can this be used with a vacuum gauge?

A gauge can be inserted into the line from the pump to the adapter using a T-hose fitting.

Do you have to check the TAP bag for leaks after using the adapter?

Yes, as the vacuum source is disconnected from the TAP bag.

Can you still use the manual pump to check the vacuum pressure after you have removed the electric pump?

Yes, a quick pull using the hand pump will indicate if you have lost pressure. If it is hard to pump by hand the TAP bag is sealed correctly.

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