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Mold Master is a brilliantly conceived and well-designed tool for accurately drawing guide lines for shaping a custom foam mold.

Standard or metric
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Mold Master

This easy-to-use template includes marking guides for shaping a foam mold:

  • Drawing the centerline of a mold
  • Measuring and drawing the length, depth, and angle of the nose and tail
  • Determining the length and depth of concave
  • Multiple radius curve guides are useful for concave and other areas
  • Basic ruler and straight edge

Mold Master is available as a standard or metric guide.

Specs / Details:

  • One clear plastic template, 10"x6.5"x3", with L-Shape construction designed to fit Roarockit high density foam slabs.
  • Illustrated instructions

How to use this product:

Lay the Mold Master against the foam slab and use the markings provided to draw the centerline, by inserting a pen and dragging it along the mold.

Measure the length, depth and angle of the proposed nose, tail, and concaves using the guides marked on the template.

Use the pen to draw lines, connect lines, measure angles and draw radius curves to guide you in shaping your foam slab into a custom skateboard/longboard mold.

For a detailed tutorial on using all the features built into the Mold Master, watch the video Marcel and Taryn have put together. (13 minutes)


Tips are included on the maintenance sheet included with the kit.

To ensure that your guide retains the see-through advantage, use only a ballpoint pen. Using markers will discolour the measure marks.

The Mold Master will break if undue pressure is applied, especially in a cold environment.

Store the Mold Master in its original packaging to prevent breakage.

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