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Double-Wide Maple Veneer

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Double-Wide Maple Veneer

This more-than-double-wide maple stock is suitable for making skimboards, furniture pieces and other projects that require a wider sheet than we carry for skateboards.

These sheets have no splices in them.

This is unusual stock, as it is hard to find logs large enough and clean enough to cut such large expanses of good material.

How to use this product:

The 1/16 thickness allows for either flat-sheet or bent-wood laminating.

Handle with care to prevent these large sheets from splitting. If that happens, simply add a bead of glue and press together with masking tape till it dries.

Use Titebond III for most pressings, unless drying time is a major factor.

Although the label on Titebond III says you have 15 minutes before it starts to set, when it is spread out over such a large surface, it will dry much more quickly than that. Use a 9 close-nap paint roller, and extra help to get the glue on quickly. Gluing only a few sheets and pressing at a time is recommended, especially if you are working alone.

Best Vacuum Bag size: 36 x 52 Thin Air Press TPK36

Width63.5 cm (25'')
Length122 cm (48'')
Thickness1/16'' (1.58 mm)
Included in this pack21 sheets: six Face et 15  Core 


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Double-Wide Maple Veneer

Double-Wide Maple Veneer

Great for wider projects like skim boards, wake skates, furniture and musical instruments.


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