Edging Tool: perfect for finishing off the edges of your deck and for shaping your mold


Edging Tool

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9,58 €

Edging Tool

This is a cheese-grater on steroids! This tool sands off wood and shapes foam too.

The Surform Scraper looks innocent but does an awesome job in a hurry.

This little tool with its plastic handle can clean up a rough edge of a pressed skateboard so that all you have to do is sand it.

We recommend this Surform® Scraper hand tool over a power tool, as when sanding a skateboard, there is the potential for removing too much material too quickly. Using the hand scraper means you have more control over the edging process.

How to use this product:

Once our pre-shaped board is pressed, or your custom board is cut to shape, the edges will be very rough.

Use this scraper to rasp all those rough edges, first so that all the sheets are flush, then add the appropriate angle. Follow that with sandpaper to complete the finishing.


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Edging Tool

Edging Tool


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