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Skateboard Vacuum Press Kits

Our Thin Air Press Kit products are ideal for building boards, such as skateboards and skimboards, wood projects, musical instruments and more.

The Thin Air Press kit is an inexpensive and reusable introduction to the vacuum technology process and can be used for a variety of different projects from laminating skateboard decks, building furniture wood components for woodworkers, building composite wings for model aircrafts and musical instruments.

The TAP vacuum bag, is made of sturdy 20 mil vinyl that will not leak. Using this system there is no need to keep an electrical pump running continuously until your vacuum project is set.

The hand vacuum pump connects to a one-way valve on the TAP bag. Our pump produces more than enough pressure for most forms of laminating, easily exerting 15 psi of pressure onto your project. This is equal to most electric vacuum pumps used for composite or veneer vacuuming. All components of this kit are reusable many times over and epoxy and PVA glues will not stick to the bag.

Sealing Tape
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Press accessories

Sealing Tape

2 rolls of sealing tape. Use this to replace worn out tape after your original seal and replacements are used up.
Breather Netting
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Thin Air Press

Breather Netting

 4' (120 cm) length of breather netting
Thin Air Press Pump Thin Air Press Pump 2
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Thin Air Press

Thin Air Press Pump

Manual Vacuum Pump.  The low volume, high pressure pump is simple and very effective.
Pro tools

Thin Air Press Adapter Port

Made by Rockler to fit our Thin Air Press bags, this adapter connects to your electric vacuum pump for fast air removal.
Thin Air Press

Valve Cap Replacement

This is to replace the top cap of a one-way valve if it goes missing.
Les + de Roarockit


Canadian maple veneer certified SFI with volume discounts


The parts in our kits are reusable &/or recyclable


Unique patented and reusable press system "Thin Air Press"


An eco responsable concept for shapers, woodworkers, schools and pros

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