Titebond Ultimate III Glue


2 Gallons Titebond Ultimate III Glue (7.6L)

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2 Gallons Titebond Ultimate III Glue (7.6L)

10Titebond III has all the properties you want for making skateboards:

It makes a flexible glue line when dried, so will not crack like more rigid (epoxy) glues

It is WATERPROOF, so if your board is exposed to moisture, the veneer layers will not separate.

The working time is much longer (9 minutes) than other woodworking glues.

It is a water-based glue, so clean up is easy and the glue is safer to use than epoxy-style glues.


For our Pre-Shaped Veneer Sets, one gallon will be enough to make: 13 Street Decks, OR 11 pintail Long Boards (7 layers), OR 30 Lil'Rockits.

For builders using uncut (rectangles) of veneer, please adjust your requirements accordingly.


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2 Gallons Titebond Ultimate III Glue (7.6L)

2 Gallons Titebond Ultimate III Glue (7.6L)

We have found this glue to be the very best for using with wood and bamboo veneer for skateboards and other bent wood projects.


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