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Replay Kit
Replay Kit
Replay Kit

Replay Kit

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Build a cruiser with this all-inclusive kit.

Advanced Kit with 20''x70'' press
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Replay Kit

This kit contains everything you need to build a cruiser board:

  • a 14x47" Thin Air Press
  • a pre-shaped mold
  • 7-layers of maple veneer 
  • glue
  • glue roller
  • tools
  • instructions

This edition of the "Collab Series" is a collaboration of UK board designer Chris White and the Roarockit Europe team, who created a throw-back to the early days of fun-to-ride skateboards. Simply perfect!

The Replay Kit makes a classic surfy-shaped board that is easy and quick to build. This simple design is part of the history of how skateboarding started and is still an entertaining shape to have in your collection.

Final size deck dimensions are:

  • Length = 28” (711.2mm)
  • Width = 7” (177.8mm)
  • Wheelbase = 14” (355.6mm)
  • Bolt Hole Guides = Drilled Old School on 2.5” (63.5mm) centres (top sheet only)
  • Tail = 5” (127mm) measured from rear bolt holes to edge of deck
  • Nose = 4” (101.6mm) from front bolt holes
  • Rocker = .75” (19.05mm) at deepest point, at midpoint between the front and rear bolt holes.

How it works:

With this all-inclusive kit build your own board from A-Z:

Following the steps detailed in the instructions, start by gluing the maple sheets, place everything on the mold and insert your project into the press - Thin Air Press.

Once pressed, take your raw board out of the press and using the rasp provided in the kit, align all the layers of veneer and follow the instructions to give nice rounded edges to your board and sand to get a beautiful finish.

You can then keep your board natural or apply your own graphics (poscas, paints, stencils, pyrography ... etc.).

Skateboard making becomes accessible and affordable with these reusable kits. It is you who builds your board! Alone, in a group, with friends or family, enjoy a fun moment of creating and then ride the board you made by yourself - satisfying diy moments.


The polystyrene mold, vacuum press, pump, wood rasp and breather netting are designed to be used many times. With this Kit, building boards becomes fun, easy and cost effective! All you will need to build further boards is some more veneer and glue to continue building boards.

The Advanced Option:

Choose the "Advanced" option with the 20x70 "(51 cm x 178 cm) size press to be able to make 100% custom boards with" uncut "/" raw "veneer plies, using the same press as the one used when building boards with this kit.

The press supplied in our pre-shaped kits, such as this Mini-Cruiser kit, has a rounded end and has been specially designed for all our pre-veneers and pre-shaped molds. This press is not suitable for our "raw" / "uncut" veneers. For this, we recommend the 20x70 "press, if you would like to make pre-shaped, but also custom boards, switch out the press and choose the 20x70" advanced option.

The Super Pump:

You can add a super pump to this kit. The super pump removes air from the press more quickly. The small pump supplied in the kit makes a "clicking" sound when all the air has ben evacuated - so we find both very useful!


Keep all reusable parts in your kit in good working order, following the maintenance instructions that come with the kit. Tutorials are available on our blog and our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page has further information.

Product Details

One way valve
Center position
Number of molds included in this pack
1 x 3 dimensionally shaped foam mold
Titebond Ultimate III Glue
Tools included
A glue roller and measuring cup, a scrapper and sanding paper
Thin Air Press Kit
14 x 47” heavy duty vinyl vacuum bag (35.5 cm x 119.5 cm)
Number of Decks included
7-layers of Canadian maple for one board
Strength of the Thin Air Press
Around* 14.22 psi (1kg/cm²)
Thin Air Press parts included
Thin Air Press pump, extra sealing tape, breather netting and instructions


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