Refill Kits

Q: As this kit doesn’t include glue, where do I get it?

A: Glue is available from this website, or locally if you can source Titebond III.

Q: What else do I need to make a board?

A: If you don’t already have these parts in your complete kit, a glue roller, a rasp, and sandpaper. Then a final clear coatwater-based, water-proof or out door/exterior Varathane is recommended)

Q: What do I do if my veneer breaks or splits?

A: Veneer is fragile until laminated, and it is common to split or snap (especially the cross grains). A stripe of glue and some masking tape to hold it until it dries will fix broken or split sheets.

Q: What else do I need to complete this project?

A:If you choose to set your boards up for riding shop locally for your grip, hardware (wheels, trucks and bearings). Or for those of you who can't contact with whom we have set up a partnership and get 10% off your order .

Use the guide holes on the bottom side to drill the truck holes through, using a 3/16” drill bit. And of course, don’t forget to wear your helmet!

Q: Can I add a color sheet to my order?

A: Yes you can, however as those sheets come as uncut rectangles, you will need to trim that to shape before pressing. For the Pintail kits, we will supply a 42” uncut sheet, as the 48” is too long for the carton.

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