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Q: does this make a real board?

A: the short wheel base and 7-layers of 1/16” thick Maple veneer, makes a board suitable for even a heavy rider

Q: does the color sheet have to go on the bottom?

A: you can use the color sheet as an inner layer instead for a colorful side profile

Q: Is this kit reusable?

A: Yes. Every thing but the veneer and glue are reusable

Q: What if the TAP bag or valve leaks?

A: 99.9% of the time, the seal is not closed up properly. Dust and debris can prevent the top cap of the valve to seal, rinse cap with water. For more in-depth details, see the TAP kit FAQ’s page.

Q: My school has budget issues, how can we afford this?

A: Create an entrepreneurial environment. Building multiple boards can lead to creative ways of generating funds for a self-sustaining program. Hold an auction, find sponsors for boards, host an art show, all have been done with great success.

Q: What age is this recommended for?

A: We recommend no younger than 10 years old.

Q: How can I justify building boards in the classroom?

A: Teachers around the world have used this program as an incentive or for fun. They also use building skateboards as a focus to help students achieve their high-school credits: math and science, woodworking, environmental studies, art and design, business and entrepreneurship, teamwork, leadership, mentorship and outreach.

Q: Can I get more veneer, glue and other supplies?

A: For schools and groups, we have an online or downloadable order form where your school or institution can order bulk supplies by issuing us a signed Purchase Order.

Q: Will stuff last if I don’t use it right away?

A: Veneer will absorb and lose moisture, so keep it sealed in plastic (or the carton it arrived in) but away from any heat sources. Lay it flat to prevent warping. Prevent the glue from freezing.

Q: What do I do if the veneer breaks or splits?

A: Veneer is fragile until laminated, and it is common to split or snap (especially the cross grains). A stripe of glue and some masking tape to hold it until it dries will fix broken or split sheets.

Q: Can this kit be used to make a snowboard or wake skates?

A: The size of the bag determines how large a project you can fit into it. As the seams of the 14 x 47” TAP bag included here cannot be stretched open while pressing, you are limited to smaller projects. See our larger bag sizes for one that suits your project.

Q: Can the Thin Air Press make other things?

A: Yes! Furniture parts, marquetry projects, archery bows, sculptural pieces, really any bent or flat laminations work well in the Thin Air Press.

Q: What else do I need to complete this project?

A: A moisture protector is recommended (sponge on water-based outdoor clear coat) to seal all surfaces, especially your edges and before applying any graphics.

Included in the curriculum is a list of suggestions for setting up a classroom or other location with useful extras for teaching in a class environment.

Q: What if my school has a no-skateboarding policy?

A: The Roarockit Kits are all about building just the laminated wood part of a skateboard. As students build their very own board and can take enormous pride in creating custom graphics the boards very often are hung on a wall rather than being ridden right away. This provides the school the option to still enforce their policy, as the boards will not be actively used. Roarockit does not provide the wheels and trucks.

Q: Where do I get the wheels and trucks?

A: Roarockit supplies grip tape, but not hardware. We suggest involving your community by contacting a local skateboard shop (students are a great source for this information) and ask them to even come to speak to the class. Topics can be about safety, tuning, products and riding skills.

Use the guide holes on the bottom side to drill the truck holes through, using a 3/16” drill bit.

Always wear a helmet when riding!

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