Drop Through Template

Q: Does this kit come with all the tools to cut a drop through hole?

A: No. A jig saw, electric hand drill, router, hammer, Phillip’s screw driver and wrench, small nail, ¾” spade drill bit and a ½” straight router bit with a top mounted bearing will be needed in order to use this product.

Q: Are truck mounting holes necessary on the board to use this product?

A: Yes. Pre-drilled truck mounting holes drilled into the skateboard are necessary to mount the template onto the board.

Q: Can the template router bit edge be damaged by the router bit?

A: Yes. Only turn on and off the router while the tool is inserted into the router guide. Let the router bit come to a complete stop before lifting it from the template. Do not touch the wood edge of the precut hole with the router bit when starting the router. This will prevent the tool from bouncing and possibly damaging the edge of the template.

Q: Can overtightening the mounting hardware damage the template?

A: Yes. Make sure your template is secure to the skateboard before using but do not overtighten the hardware as it may cause the template to crack.

Q: Why do my truck mounting holes not align with the template holes?

A: You may have not drilled your mounting holes correctly when building your board. The Drop Through Template has precise holes drilled into it for Old and New School trucks. Do not attempt to redrill or resize the acrylic template holes. Redrilling or resizing the truck holes in the board is the proper method for fixing this problem.

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