Titebond III Glue

Q: How much is enough glue?

A: As per the instructions, a thick but not pooling layer of glue on one side and a thinner amount to wet the other side will be perfect. Too much glue and you get bubbles in the veneer, and too little you will starve the joint and get delamination.

Q: Why use Titebond III and not II?

A: Titebond III is waterproof, and Titebond II is not

Q: It says on the bottle that the glue dries in 30 minutes, so why do I have to keep my board in the TAP bag for 8 hours?

A: Titebond III will start to set up in 30 minutes, but most users of this glue are not bending 7 or more layers of 1/16” thick veneer over a mold into a skateboard! The label also says not to stress the joints for 24 hours, so our 8 hours minimum dry

Q: What about using SK8 glue?
A: SK8 is another glue made also by Franklin for the small industrial skateboard industry. SK8 has a 3 month shelf life, after which it gells and is not usable. (we found out the hard way). Rumor has it, that Franklin used the SK8 formulation to create a more shelf-stable glue, and that became Titebond III. A little reverse engineering from the skateboard world!

Q: Will dried Titebond III wash out of my favorite t-shirt?
A: Nope! That’s why we have Roarockit aprons, as it never fails that glue ends up on your clothes while doing a glue up.

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