Bamboo Veneer

Q: What type of glue do I use with bamboo?

A: Same as with the maple and birch, Titebond III.

Q: Is bamboo the lightest veneer?

A: No. We made 3 identical shaped pintails, and here are the weights:

Maple: 1.8 kg (3.968 lbs)

Bamboo: 1.6 kg (3.527 lbs)

Birch: 1.5 kg (3.300 lbs)

Q: For a 100% bamboo board, what about cross band sheets?

A: We recommend either using maple or birch cross grain sheets, or you can make your own using bamboo, by cutting and edge-joining sheets yourself. The skateboard industry sometimes uses no cross band and applies fiberglass to help strengthen.

Q: How easy is bamboo to work with?

A: It is very easy to cut and sand, although not as nice smelling as maple or birch!

Q: Will using a bamboo sheet as a cosmetic layer affect how my maple board works?

A: A single bamboo bottom sheet will not affect the pop of an otherwise maple board

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