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Curvy Large Drawing Template


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Curvy Large Drawing Template

This is one very large drawing template for curves! The 46" length is useful for designing longboards and other large projects with curves.

    • See-through design
    • Flexible* so that it will bend over the curves of your board or mold
    • Includes other templates within:
      • drop-through guide
      • three different sets of radii
      • two removable shapes of smaller curves
      • half-inch spaced holes around the entire circumference
      • centre line-up/aligning slots
      • truck hole layout for new and old school

            *this is not unbreakable. If bent too far, it may snap.

    >>> See 'Video' tab for how to use this product. 


    Do not drill truck holes through this ruler, or use a router, or any knives or other cutting tools with this ruler, use your pencil marks instead.


     Please email us if you have any questions about this curvy large template!

    How to use this product

    Use this multi-purpose curvy template as you would any other French-curve style template.

    Draw lines with pencil when possible so as not discolor the edges and keep them clear for better visualizing.

    Lay tape onto the template then make marks onto the tape.

    When drawing a large curve that requires a match on the opposite side, mark the start and stop points on the template, then flip the template over to achieve the matching curve.

    This is a marking gauge only! Do not drill, router or use any cutting tools through this ruler, mark with pencil guides instead.

    Use at room temperature. Very cold temps will make the template brittle and prone to snapping.


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    Curvy Large Drawing Template

    Curvy Large Drawing Template

    Use this template to draw the radius of a skateboard wheel well, profile curve or other curvy shaped project.


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