RockitLam Street Deck

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RockitLam Street Deck

Rockitlam sheets come in all kinds of colors and finishes.

Available in Street Deck and Longboard size.


Apply one layer to a 7-layer maple deck for the same weight as a 8-layer but the strength of an 9-layer.

It is durable, scratch-resistant, waterproof and Drop-Deck friendly! 

Saves time! Lay it up along with your maple layers during the same pressing. You don't need to sand RockitLam or even paint it although it takes a spray of automotive paint ok.

Please note -THESE SHEETS ARE NOT SOLD SEPARATELY these are only available when ordered along with other veneer sets - we cannot ship these as single sheets.

How to use this product:

Use Titebond III only (not contact cement).

Glue up a RockitLam sheet along with your wood veneers and press in the TAP bag for a tight lamination


Not much to say here, as the material is tough, durable stuff.

Width24 cm (9.5'')
Length86.5 cm (34'')


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RockitLam Street Deck

RockitLam Street Deck

RockitLam adds rigidity, color and protection to your custom deck.


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