Profile Scraper


Profile Scraper


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Profile Scraper

The specially shaped woodworker's scraper is ideal for cleaning up a shaped edge in a flash!

Cabinet scrapers have been used in woodworking for years. You can scrape in either direction without ripping the material. This new Profile Scraper has been developed by Ted Hunter specifically for building skateboards.

Product descritpion:

  • One tempered stainless steel Profile Scraper (approx 7" x 2.25")
  • Not included are the burnisher and Dremel bit that are required to keep the Profile Scraper sharp.


The Profile Scraper requires sharpening once the burred edges have worn down.

Watch the video on the how-to page for a quick method of using a burnisher to create the burr (scroll to 3.27).

A Dremel tool (or small file) should be used with a burnisher to create a burr. A video will be coming soon to show that in greater detail.


Q: Is this tool a replacement for the yellow handled-scrapers?
A: No, as the yellow tools are essential for scraping the rough edges to a flush state then adding the 45˚ edges.

Q: How many times can I use this scraper before I need to sharpen it?
A: It depends on how much it is used for. A well-sharpened Profile Scraper should last for about 10 skateboards.

Q: If I use this scraper, do I still need to use sandpaper?
A: For a very smooth finish, we recommend using sandpaper as well. However it may be possible to clear coat after just using the Profile Scraper.

How to use this product

Use the Profile Scraper at a shallow angle with the burr edge facing the direction of the pull or push.

Various edge sections of the Scraper can be used for different areas. At both ends are slight curves, whch are ideal for removing glue and any roughness from the flat surface areas.

Along one Scraper edge is a flat area which is good for smoothing out the board's edge before adding any 45˚ shape.

The semi-circle areas are perfect for smoothing the final edge profile once the 45's are added.

Use the teardrop-shaped hole to hang up your Profile Scraper and keep it sharp until the next project.

How to sharpen the Roarockit Edge


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Profile Scraper

Profile Scraper

The specially shaped woodworker's scraper is ideal for cleaning up a shaped edge in a flash!


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