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Build your own skateboard and other bent wood projects

Roarockit offers the tools and the materials to make it possible for everyone, from beginner to expert to design and to build high quality custom skateboards and other bent wood projects.

How it works ?

- Glue up your layers of veneer

- Place your glued veneers onto your pre-shaped mold, or a mold that you have shaped yourself beforehand

- Slip your stacked project into the Thin Air Press

- Place the breather netting under the valve and across your project

- Close the Thin Air Press, making it 100 % air tight, by using the sealing tape at the opening of the bag

- Extract the air from the Thin Air Press, using the manual vacuum pump - Leave your project in the TAP for a minimum of 8 hours

- Once your project has dried, open the press and take out your poject

- Finish off your project using a scrapper and sanding paper

- Now all that is left to do, is varnish it and apply your graphics and there you have it !

The Thin Air Press and how it works

The Thin Air Press kit is an inexpensive introduction to the process and can be used for a variety of different projects from laminating skateboard decks, building composite wings for model aircraft, musical instruments or building furniture wood components for woodworkers.

The TAP vacuum bag, is made of sturdy 20 mil vinyl that will not leak. Using this system there is no need to keep an electrical pump running continuously until your vacuum project is set. The hand vacuum pump connects to a one-way valve on the TAP bag. Our pump produces more than enough pressure for most forms of laminating, easily exerting 15 psi of pressure onto your project. This is equal to most electric vacuum pumps used for composite or veneer vacuuming.

All components of this kit are reusable many times over and epoxy and PVA glues will not stick to the bag.

Building your own deck

Build your dream deck, thanks to the patented Thin Air Press, high density foam molds and high quality veneer!

Roarockit Skateboard Europe provides the tools and materials in kit format for building street deck, pintail, Lil'Rockit and custom longboards. Start with a Double or Triple Complete Kit, build a few decks. After the learning curve you will be ready to try your hand at shaping your own foam mold and use our uncut sheets of veneer for your dream board.

Why build your own deck

Build your dream deck from A-Z using Roarockit technology.
It's DIY and you'll be proud to ride a deck YOU made !

It's ecological.

The innovation of the Thin Air Press and kits, enables skateboard decks to be built in class without any power tools and used to focus on a wide range of educational subjects.

Bent wood projects

It is also possible to build a large variety of bent wood projects using the Roarockit process !
All your ideas are possible, when it involves laminating ! Build your own furniture, do your own marquetry, make musical instruments... !

For these projects we offer extra large Thin Air Presses up to 2 m and extra large sheets of veneer up to 122 cm !

Dream it, make it, ride it

For further information, tutorials and videos, please check out our blog and FAQ's section. You can also contact us by email ( or by telephone at +33 (0)5 72 39 09.