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Roarockit Skateboard Europe offers the tools, the material and the technology to build your own skateboard or other bent wood projects.

Ted Hunter and Norah Jackson started the business in Toronto (Canada). They came up with the idea in Maui when looking for something to teach to students in a wood working shop and why not build skateboards!

A one sided foam mold and a vacuum press, the two put together with the high quality of hard Canadian maple veneer, the invention was a success, leading later to a well earned patent.


Based on quality and innovation, DIY is taken to a whole new level. Now from beginners to experts building your own skateboard or other bent wood project such as a funky chair or a guitar has become affordable and easy to design.

But Roarockit does not stop there.
Skateboards have now been taken to the classroom in schools, summer camps and after school projects, touching subjects such as maths, physics, construction technology, art and much much more!

Others have started their own business building and selling the boards or other woodworking projects they make. 

The possibilities with Roarockit are endless and forever expanding!


In August 2013 Roarockit was brought to Europe as the first company in it's genre. Making accessible for the first time the innovative Thin Air Press and Canadian maple veneer on this side of the Ocean.


Now with companies in Canada, Australia, and Europe, we hope to bring a touch of something new to world of DIY.


Roarockit Do it Your Way!



Our Team

Managing Director : Miss Sarah Jackson

English Canadian, speaks English and French fluently


Technical Manager : Mr. Nicolas Alix

French, speaks English and French fluently



For all technical questions please contact Mr. Nicolas Alix :

Tel. 05 24 72 39 09

E-Mail : nicolas@roarockit.eu


For all other enquiries please contact Miss Sarah Jackson :

Tel. 05 24 72 39 09

E-Mail : sarah@roarockit.eu


For all people living on the other side of the ocean (Canada, Unites States, Mexico... etc) please contact our Canadian team :

Tel. 001 888 857 7790

E-Mail: norah@roarockit.com

ted@roarockit.com (for all technical information)