Shaper of the month : JF Skateboard

Shaper of the month : JF Skateboard

1- Introduce yourself and your company, what is JF skateboard?

Hello, I’m Joel Meuwly, I’m 32 years old carpenter by trade and craftsman of skateboards/longboards and various furniture but, especially founder of the brand JF-skateboards (J.Family-Skateboards) and shop JF-Skatebaords (Skate & Tattoo) which are the subject of this article đŸ˜‰ .

JF-skateoards is a brand born of a passion for the ride and wood that wants to represent the craft of skateboards / longboards Switzerland first and foremost, but also the promotion of various ride sports such as skate, freestyle scooter, longboards, Pow Surf, Snowscoot and I pass.

2- When did you start this project?

I think it all started in late 2015 with a buddy Frank who is passionate about drawing. We shared a common passion ” skateboarding ” and started thinking about different projects. That’s how the shop JF-Skateboards (Skate & Tattoo) was born in mid-2017 and then at the end of 2020 the brand ” JF-Skateboards ” that I launched with my brother JĂ©rĂ©mie.

3- Why did you create JF skateboard?

About a year later (early 2017) with my buddy Frank who started to move nicely into the world of tattooing we  

We said, but why not try to open a small store that mixes skateboarding and tattooing to end up with a handmade and unique product 100% handmade.
Motivated by the idea, we were able to quickly find a commercial space and start our activity.

4- How did this idea of creating your own decks come about?

That’s when I started looking for boards on the internet and suddenly I came across a site that sold veneer, for me, with my training as a carpenter, it was a no-brainer, I was going to be able to put my ideas into practice.

At that time, I was already making solid wood longboards on my own.

At first it was hot, I was working in a large carpentry company and in the evening we were going to open the shop I had more than Sunday to make the boards.

Very quickly, I understood that I had to make a choice and there was no need to force me. My passion is first and foremost the world of riding.

I went for it.

I threw myself wholeheartedly into my goals, we couldn’t do things by halves if we wanted to see our projects succeed.

I quickly placed orders on this site, I started making my own boards for friends and myself.  

It started to be known and I had my first orders in my circle of friends.

JF-skateboards was primed.

5- How did you hear about Roarockit?

My biggest problem when I started was that I couldn’t find a high quality maple supplier, but finally after some research, I came across the Roarockit website. What a relief, quality, reactivity and always good exchanges when I need information.

Entrepot Roarockit
Roarockit Skateboard Europe

6- Where can we find you ? Where do you sell your products?

Currently, you can find all our products in our store JF-skateboards (skate and Tattoo) at Rue du Marché 16, 1820 Montreux Switzerland.

As well as on our e-shop JF-skateboard in which we deliver on order in all Europe.
 For more information, we also have an Instagram JF_skateboards.

7- What are your future projects?

My brother Jeremie joined the adventure in mid-2020 we are developing a sport store side, a visibility on the web and we have just registered the brand JF-Skateboards, the future projects for us would be to evolve this brand that will always remain handcrafted products regarding the wood and at the same time attack the whole universe of the ride. We are currently on a project of Pow surf we already offer the possibility of pyrography and customize all our decks and in a short time you may see a world premiere, we do not say more for the moment, but 2021 reserves beautiful surprises.

Shaper of the month : L’Artisan du Skateboard.

Shaper of the month : L’Artisan du Skateboard.

Ce mois-ci on vous prĂ©sente Franck, un skateur qui a crĂ©Ă© sa marque de planche de skate L’Artisan du skateboard.

Je vous laisse le dĂ©couvrir avec nous 😉

Salut Franck,

1- Peux-tu te présenter ainsi que ton entreprise?

artisan du skate

Je m’appelle Franck , j’ai 42 ans et je vis Ă  Metz en France . 

Je skate toujours depuis 1987.

Mon entreprise est l’artisan du skateboard.

Je fabrique des skateboards et des longboards de façon artisanale dans le respect du travail manuel.

Je crois au dĂ©veloppement d’un marchĂ© du skateboard français et je soutiens les skateurs locaux .

2- Quand as-tu commencé la création de ta marque ?

J’ai commencĂ© Ă  presser mes premiĂšres boards en Mars 2020 pendant le confinement, je suis toujours en phase de crĂ©ation car les choses Ă©voluent vite.

3- Que représente ton logo ?

Mon logo est composĂ© d’un crĂąne d’une croix, car ce sont des classiques dans le skateboard.

La Croix est montĂ©e d’un truck ce qui reprĂ©sente La croix de Lorraine.

4- Comment as-tu appris Ă  fabriquer des skates ?

Les premiers Ă©taient en DIY avec des presses en bĂ©ton …

Ce n’était pas satisfaisant ! 

J’ai suivi une formation avec Roarockit sur plusieurs jours qui m’a permis de synthĂ©tiser ce que j’avais appris .

5- Quels matériaux utilises-tu lors de la fabrication de tes skates ?

J’utilise des plis d’érable canadien pour les skateboards et parfois du bambou pour les longboards.

6- Comment Roarockit t’aide lors de ces rĂ©alisations ?

Le bois proposĂ© est toujours de qualitĂ©, les packs de 10 decks sont trĂšs avantageux . J’apprĂ©cie les conseils techniques de Sarah et Nico quand j’ai une question.

7- Quels procédés utilises-tu ? (presses,

J’utilise principalement les presses “thin air press” de Roarockit et une presse custom que j’ai fabriquĂ©.

8- Comment choisis-tu le design de tes decks ?

Ma prioritĂ© est de proposer des planches avec un bon pop et une bonne robustesse. 

Pour le design en soi, je privilĂ©gie le black work car je sĂ©rigraphie en monochrome pour l’instant.

9- Quels sont tes projets futurs ?

Je vais travailler sur la sĂ©rigraphie et peut ĂȘtre m’équiper d’une presse Ă  transfert.

Continuer Ă  produire toujours mieux !

10- OĂč pouvons-nous te retrouver ? ( lieu, site internet, rĂ©seaux 

Vous pouvez retrouver tous ses réseaux sociaux ci-dessous.

11- DerniÚre petite question as-tu une anecdote ou un idée à nous partager?

Peu importe si tu as du niveau ou pas, l’important c’est de skater ! 

Merci de soutenir des artisans locaux !

Shaper of the month : David Zuber

Shaper of the month : David Zuber

Today, we would like to introduce David Zuber, skater, designer and builder.

Photo by: Caroline Krajcir.

Following several email exchanges, David sent us some images and details of a school project he had been working on. His project intrigued us, so we wanted to find out more…

“I started Skateboarding when I was about 11 years old. Now I’m 27 and it is still a big part of my life.

Without realizing, skateboarding introduced me to the creative aspects of life like Illustration, photography, product design and gave me a kind of outside the box thinking on the way.

Of course, I have never been the best in school but finally I’ll start my studies in product design this month – thanks to skateboarding for all of this. “

1 – You recently built a very neat school project, can you tell us a bit about this ?

“This was a three and a half weeks project at the ZHDK in Zurich. The topic was up to us and we could work quite freely.

My mind is a mess and I usually jump from idea to idea and try to figured out a lot of different things in one project.

The Goal was to make a customizable nightstand but as always, the process is the destination.

I started with a LEGO grid went over child wood puzzles, created a body in cinema 4D that moves depending on what kind of object (Things usually found on your nightstand) is falling on to it so I can create depth out of a two-dimensional plate.

At the end I ended up cutting the Roarockit veneer by laser cutter and layering them up.

I tried to figure out a way to get loose of the two-dimensional surface and create a customizable mini table.” 

2 – You used Roarockit material to do so, how do you find it so far and how did it come into play with your project ?

“I realized if I want to go into depth, I need to have a material to push the depth even further. So Lucky I skate and know that skateboards are made out of thin and colorful veneer to gain even more depth.

Since my mind never stops, I had to do something with the leftovers and created an induction charge, a lamp and so on. For my this was the biggest satisfaction during the whole project.”

Working with the Roarokit material was very interesting it gives you a lot of opportunities and you even discover a lot more during the process. One of the more interesting methods was bending the wood to give it a new shape without using glue.”

3 – You also recycle old skateboards, when did you start this project and what does it involve ?

“The first project I ever made was around 2014. After this I teamed up with some one of our skate group who was interested to work together on the same topic.

The main point is to simply recycle old skateboards. After a long time, we figured out how we can build bigger plates to create tables and furniture.

We always try to push the material to the limit and use it differently. We now also create bowls and are working on some smaller goods to finally put it on our web shop that should come soon.

But still my favorite thing to do is figuring out things and make up crazy concepts in my mind.”

Caroline Krajcir Fotografie

4 – Any future projects in mind ?

“OOOh yes my mind and notebooks are full of them.

I just made a concept to use some more Roarokit material but we first have to finish a 2.8×1.1 meter Table haha.”

Instagram: @waerchi_nr8

5 – Any comment, special thanks or favorite saying you would like to add ?

“Boys and girls keep skating and remember to always leave the skateparks and spots clean from trash.

To the Roarokit team, keep making this great material and keep the community up.

@Solothurn, it is finally time to give us a skatepark!!!

A big THX to my Teammate I know it isn’t always easy to work with me.

THX to all my skate friends and supporters of our wÀrch-Nr.8

THX @ Caroline Krajcir Who took the pictures of our Workshop

And of course, THX to my family and my girlfriend who are always supporting my!”

Follow and see more of David’s work on his instagram page. 

Team Luge Rider Julien Fouchard

Team Luge Rider Julien Fouchard

photo rico du talus
Today we are taking a moment to introduce Julien Fouchard: Roarockit Skateboard Europe’s Luge Team Rider.

This introduction is very overdue, as Julien Fouchard has now been riding for the Roarockit Team since 2016.

An enthusiast of the Street Luge and Classic Luge, Julien has been riding since 2012 and started riding competitively in 2013.



His accomplishments include:

Season of 2014

Peyragudes photo Jean Esquerre

Rider Julien FoochPhoto Jean Esquerre

Photo Maxime Lassale PND Julien

  • 3rd place Street Luge Championships of the South-West of France
  • 4th place Classic Luge, Pyrenee Championships
  • 15th place Classic Luge, France Championship (CDF)
  • 9th place Classic Luge, International Championships (IDF)

Season of 2015

  • 5th place Classic Luge, France Championship

Season of 2016

  • 3rd place, Classic Luge France Championship
  • 5th place, Street Luge, France Championship

Season of 2017

Couldn’t compete due to car problems




We met Julien back in 2014 during events such as Peyragudes Never Dies, Le Rigalet, La D35 (…etc.). So many great events out there!
Julien was looking for a Luge that would meet his needs and enable him to take part in Championships and events across the world.


Roarockit technology makes it possible to build all types of custom boards, but a Street Luge entirely made of veneer and vinyl glue with oversize dimensions and shapes had not yet been done. We were up for the challenge and launched ourselves into the making of a unique Street Luge!


After several months, the first luge was ready. Made entirely using the Roarockit Thin Air Press, Canadian maple veneer and Titebond III glue. Julien participated in several freerides to test it, see if improvements were needed and to get a maximum amount of feedback on the board from other riders. Returns were positive but some improvements could be made: a little wider and shorter.

Rider Julien Fooch13336140_1041605175914704_6322777066245595461_n 13343033_1041605505914671_784504067822531516_n








luge in thin air press


The second prototype was then a success! A Street Luge entirely handmade with Roarockit technology, a one-of-a-kind Luge.

The making of this first Street Luge entirely out of veneer is a great pride. A successful collaboration between rider Julien Fouchard, who brought his knowledge of the discipline and Roarockit for the technicalities of the build. The graphics were done by rider and artist Thomas, aka LeGrinch, Lako – Art & Co





in the press
This coming season of 2018 Julien will be taking part in several Freerides: the Rigalet, Montaut Express, Saint Pathik…etc.

And also the IDF championships: Transylvania, Kozakov, Verdiccilio.

We are thoroughly looking forward to following his accomplishments this season and are stoked of having such an awesome Roarockit Ambassador and Team Rider!

Plus big shout out to Julien, for his input on the successful build of the Street Luge !


May it be a successful year of downhill events for Team Rider Julien Fouchard!




Follow Julien on facebook & instagram

Big Aye Skateboard – Matthew De Vere

Big Aye Skateboard – Matthew De Vere

  1. So Matthew, tell us a little bit about yourself, 13237681_1194501090568848_6587026769051722015_n
    where do you come from etc?

    “Hi guys, I am 21 years old from Hexham/Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK”.


  2. When did you first get into skateboarding?

    “I have been skating for well over half my life and plan to skate for as long as my legs will carry me!”

  3. When and why did you start building boards?

    “Like every skateboarder, I have always wanted to create and sell my own skateboards. I just always pictured it as a great feeling to be riding something that I have created and to see others doing the same. What really kick started the making of the skateboards, was my course at university. I was doing my BA (hons) in Graphic design/creative enterprise and had to write a dissertation on how brands label and market themselves as eco friendly and from a sustainable source, as well as creating a final product. Instantly I thought of skateboarding, as there is so much you can do to make a skateboard as eco friendly as possible. From there the dream became reality and I have been creating my ethically motivated skateboard company ever since.”




  4. Where did the name « Big Aye Skateboard » come from?13266005_1194500940568863_1751711489876122948_n

    “Like I said earlier, I am from Newcastle upon tyne, and the term ‘Aye’ and ‘Whey aye’ are commonly used words in the Geordie vocabulary, so I wanted to include that into my name, so it subtly linked back to where I am from. The ‘Big’ bit just seemed to work pretty well with ‘Aye’, so I just added that to the start and ‘Big Aye Skateboards’ was created.”



  5. You make your boards with Canadian maple from Roarockit, how did you hear about us and why Canadian maple?

    13221332_1194507060568251_4967122519084685895_o“Well I did my research to try and find places where I could source veneer to create my skateboards and Roarockit seemed like a really good place to make my first purchase from, as well you guys were very helpful when I was having problems finding out information about creating skateboards. The reason for choosing Canadian Maple, is because it is the chosen wood to create skateboards all around the world and it has been SFI certified meaning that it is from a sustainable source, which is very important. Especially with my brand ethos of being as ethically motivated as possible.”


  6. You have just started up Big Aye Skateboard Skateboards, how are things going so far?

    13254285_1194501100568847_6007335389309005788_n“It is going pretty well, I am constantly in my workshop creating skateboards and trying out different shapes and sizes. I have got a lot of support from a lot of my friends and people I do not know, which is a great feeling as it shows that people really like what I am doing and I hope that this continues for a long time. I still have a long way to go, before I am fully established, but thats all part of the fun. An official website will be made in the near future, as well as a skate promo video and more… Just keep an ‘Aye’ out and you shall see the progress being made.”


  7. What are you working on now and what are your future projects?

    “I am currently working on multiple different things, my main project is a custom shaped deck for one of my good mates, based on an ‘Enjoi’ deck that I really like. Each board I make is handcrafted and finished, making each board different in their own little way, making them very individual as no board will be exactly that same. So as well as that, I am constantly working on my woodworking skills. For the future, more skateboards and even more shapes and sizes to suit every skateboarder and the non skateboarders wants and needs! I am hoping to create surfboards at some point, as well as clothing made from hemp.”

    13256277_1193142884038002_4303390208979135722_n 13239891_1196333113718979_4359467468026654342_n

  8. Anything else ? any acknowledgment ?

    “Just check out my page on Facebook and follow me on Instagram, to see the whole design process I go through to create these beautifully crafted/handfinished skateboards and to see even more updates, such as videos, drawings and other happenings!

    Big shout out to Roarockit for their time!
    All the people who have supported my company and bought decks from me! BIG LOVE!
    And of course the famalam, for being a top fam!”