1. So Matthew, tell us a little bit about yourself, 13237681_1194501090568848_6587026769051722015_n
    where do you come from etc?

    “Hi guys, I am 21 years old from Hexham/Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK”.


  2. When did you first get into skateboarding?

    “I have been skating for well over half my life and plan to skate for as long as my legs will carry me!”

  3. When and why did you start building boards?

    “Like every skateboarder, I have always wanted to create and sell my own skateboards. I just always pictured it as a great feeling to be riding something that I have created and to see others doing the same. What really kick started the making of the skateboards, was my course at university. I was doing my BA (hons) in Graphic design/creative enterprise and had to write a dissertation on how brands label and market themselves as eco friendly and from a sustainable source, as well as creating a final product. Instantly I thought of skateboarding, as there is so much you can do to make a skateboard as eco friendly as possible. From there the dream became reality and I have been creating my ethically motivated skateboard company ever since.”




  4. Where did the name « Big Aye Skateboard » come from?13266005_1194500940568863_1751711489876122948_n

    “Like I said earlier, I am from Newcastle upon tyne, and the term ‘Aye’ and ‘Whey aye’ are commonly used words in the Geordie vocabulary, so I wanted to include that into my name, so it subtly linked back to where I am from. The ‘Big’ bit just seemed to work pretty well with ‘Aye’, so I just added that to the start and ‘Big Aye Skateboards’ was created.”



  5. You make your boards with Canadian maple from Roarockit, how did you hear about us and why Canadian maple?

    13221332_1194507060568251_4967122519084685895_o“Well I did my research to try and find places where I could source veneer to create my skateboards and Roarockit seemed like a really good place to make my first purchase from, as well you guys were very helpful when I was having problems finding out information about creating skateboards. The reason for choosing Canadian Maple, is because it is the chosen wood to create skateboards all around the world and it has been SFI certified meaning that it is from a sustainable source, which is very important. Especially with my brand ethos of being as ethically motivated as possible.”


  6. You have just started up Big Aye Skateboard Skateboards, how are things going so far?

    13254285_1194501100568847_6007335389309005788_n“It is going pretty well, I am constantly in my workshop creating skateboards and trying out different shapes and sizes. I have got a lot of support from a lot of my friends and people I do not know, which is a great feeling as it shows that people really like what I am doing and I hope that this continues for a long time. I still have a long way to go, before I am fully established, but thats all part of the fun. An official website will be made in the near future, as well as a skate promo video and more… Just keep an ‘Aye’ out and you shall see the progress being made.”


  7. What are you working on now and what are your future projects?

    “I am currently working on multiple different things, my main project is a custom shaped deck for one of my good mates, based on an ‘Enjoi’ deck that I really like. Each board I make is handcrafted and finished, making each board different in their own little way, making them very individual as no board will be exactly that same. So as well as that, I am constantly working on my woodworking skills. For the future, more skateboards and even more shapes and sizes to suit every skateboarder and the non skateboarders wants and needs! I am hoping to create surfboards at some point, as well as clothing made from hemp.”

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  8. Anything else ? any acknowledgment ?

    “Just check out my page on Facebook and follow me on Instagram, to see the whole design process I go through to create these beautifully crafted/handfinished skateboards and to see even more updates, such as videos, drawings and other happenings!

    Big shout out to Roarockit for their time!
    All the people who have supported my company and bought decks from me! BIG LOVE!
    And of course the famalam, for being a top fam!”