1- Introduce yourself and your company, what is JF skateboard?

Hello, I’m Joel Meuwly, I’m 32 years old carpenter by trade and craftsman of skateboards/longboards and various furniture but, especially founder of the brand JF-skateboards (J.Family-Skateboards) and shop JF-Skatebaords (Skate & Tattoo) which are the subject of this article 😉 .

JF-skateoards is a brand born of a passion for the ride and wood that wants to represent the craft of skateboards / longboards Switzerland first and foremost, but also the promotion of various ride sports such as skate, freestyle scooter, longboards, Pow Surf, Snowscoot and I pass.

2- When did you start this project?

I think it all started in late 2015 with a buddy Frank who is passionate about drawing. We shared a common passion ” skateboarding ” and started thinking about different projects. That’s how the shop JF-Skateboards (Skate & Tattoo) was born in mid-2017 and then at the end of 2020 the brand ” JF-Skateboards ” that I launched with my brother Jérémie.

3- Why did you create JF skateboard?

About a year later (early 2017) with my buddy Frank who started to move nicely into the world of tattooing we  

We said, but why not try to open a small store that mixes skateboarding and tattooing to end up with a handmade and unique product 100% handmade.
Motivated by the idea, we were able to quickly find a commercial space and start our activity.

4- How did this idea of creating your own decks come about?

That’s when I started looking for boards on the internet and suddenly I came across a site that sold veneer, for me, with my training as a carpenter, it was a no-brainer, I was going to be able to put my ideas into practice.

At that time, I was already making solid wood longboards on my own.

At first it was hot, I was working in a large carpentry company and in the evening we were going to open the shop I had more than Sunday to make the boards.

Very quickly, I understood that I had to make a choice and there was no need to force me. My passion is first and foremost the world of riding.

I went for it.

I threw myself wholeheartedly into my goals, we couldn’t do things by halves if we wanted to see our projects succeed.

I quickly placed orders on this site, I started making my own boards for friends and myself.  

It started to be known and I had my first orders in my circle of friends.

JF-skateboards was primed.

5- How did you hear about Roarockit?

My biggest problem when I started was that I couldn’t find a high quality maple supplier, but finally after some research, I came across the Roarockit website. What a relief, quality, reactivity and always good exchanges when I need information.

Entrepot Roarockit
Roarockit Skateboard Europe

6- Where can we find you ? Where do you sell your products?

Currently, you can find all our products in our store JF-skateboards (skate and Tattoo) at Rue du Marché 16, 1820 Montreux Switzerland.

As well as on our e-shop JF-skateboard in which we deliver on order in all Europe.
 For more information, we also have an Instagram JF_skateboards.

7- What are your future projects?

My brother Jeremie joined the adventure in mid-2020 we are developing a sport store side, a visibility on the web and we have just registered the brand JF-Skateboards, the future projects for us would be to evolve this brand that will always remain handcrafted products regarding the wood and at the same time attack the whole universe of the ride. We are currently on a project of Pow surf we already offer the possibility of pyrography and customize all our decks and in a short time you may see a world premiere, we do not say more for the moment, but 2021 reserves beautiful surprises.