Multi-Pack Pintail 20


Multi-Pack Pintail 20


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Multi-Pack Pintail 20

With this Multi-Pack, there are enough Thin Air Presses, molds, veneer sets, glue, and finishing tools so that a group of 20 students plus the teacher, can all build a Pintail.
Specially set up for teachers, the Multi-Pack 20 also includes the mini-curriculum and an extra set of veneer so that learning and preparation can be done before offering this project in a classroom.
(Wheels and trucks are not included).


The foam mold, Thin Air Press Bag and pump, edging tool and breather netting are designed to be used for many, many builds.

Keep all your reusable kit parts in good working order by following the maintenance tips included with the kit.


Q: How long will it take to complete these boards?

A: The minimum length of time, with graphics, would be 12.5 hours. And there really is no maximum length of time, as many teachers continue with the graphics part for an entire term.

Q: Do you offer discounts for teachers?

A: The Multi-Packs have bulk discounts built in, as if these items were purchased from our website, the cost would be higher.

Q: What is the cost per student?

A: So much of the kit is reusable, so without those costs, the veneer and glue per student is about 20 € per board.

Q: What age is recommended for this program?

A: We recommend not younger that 10 years of age.  Many younger students are eager, but their dexterity and skills are not quite enough to manage.

Q: What about applying the graphics?

A: While we do not have pre-printed graphics sheets as with our other shapes, making a custom board is even more exciting if the students design and paint their own graphics. Involve the school’s art department if you are not comfortable with that aspect of the project, or a local visiting artist.

Q: What kind of graphics can be done?

A: We have had our best successes with student-grade acrylic paints and mylar hand-cut stencils. Spray paint, safely done outside or in a spray booth, and wood burning, work really well too. “Sharpie art” is fun, although any hand painting process is a one-chance process and is sometimes a surprise. Airbrushing, staining, marquetry and inlay techniques are all done successfully on hand made skateboards. There is no best answer to this question!

Number of Decks included20 Pintail shaped Maple Veneer Sets + 1 free
Breather nettingIncluded
Thin Air Press Pumpx 2
Extra sealing tapeA 50' (15 m) roll
Number of molds included in this pack5 x Pintail Moule en Polystyrène Pré-Formé
Titebond Ultimate III GlueIncludes 2 Gallons (7.6 L)
Thin Air Press Vacuum Bag14 x 47'' (35 x 119 cm) - Quantity x 5
Edging toolx 20
Glue Rollerx 10

How to Teach Skateboard Building

How to use this product:

The mini-curriculum includs details on how to set up a classroom ready for this project. It suggests what topics to teach and discuss before starting the class project. In illustrated detail, each step of the building and finishing process is listed. It also has a chart of other items that might be useful during the build sessions.

Ahead of time, (at least a few days before) learn the process first with the extra veneer set so that you are prepared before teaching the program.

Each student will roller on glue, lay up the veneer sheets and press their own skateboard inside a Thin Air Press vacuum bag.

There are 5 bags and molds included, and 20 sets of veneer and glue for the students. They share the use of the TAP bags after the drying time of 8 hours, so not all students will build their boards at once.

Use the focus of making a skateboard to get the attention of hard-to-engage students in an activity they are passionate about.

Or use the board building activity as a team building, mentorship, entrepreneurial, fundraising or outreach program, among many other possibilities. 


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Multi-Pack Pintail 20

Multi-Pack Pintail 20

This Multi-Pack provides enough material for a group of 20 students to all build Pintail.  


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