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On Roarockit Skateboard Europe we offer two secure payment systems : Paypal and Mercanet BNP Paribas .

Purchases at Roarockit Skateboard Europe are safe . Our site uses the latest version of Secure Socket Layer ( SSL) to encrypt your information. We do not collect and we do not store your credit card information . The transaction takes place on servers BNP-Paribas and Paypal respectively .
You can also choose to make your payment by check or bank transfer.

Check: To pay by check, simply send us your order confirmation (received by email ) and a check made payable to Roarockit Skateboard Europe at the following address :

Roarockit Skateboard Europe

23 rue du 503e R.T., Z.A. Les Portes Océanes

33127 Martignas sur Jalle


Upon receipt of your check we will prepare (to the extent of available stocks on the day of receipt ) and we will ship your order. Your order will be confirmed upon receipt of final payment.
However, please note that this type of payment is longer to deal with, due to the fact of mailing : ordered products can not be reserved until payment is received, so the risk of unavailable products is bigger, unless stated otherwise.

Transfer: Upon receipt of your order confirmation you will find a RIB. On performing a transfer your order will be recorded and confirmed upon receipt of payment . Because of this delay, Roarockit Skateboard Europe can not guarantee a 100% availability of products for orders paid by bank transfer, unless stated otherwise.