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4 levels to learn how to 
build a skateboard.

RIDER Workshop

Introductory course

From 79€

MAKER Workshop

Board Builder

From 155€

SHAPER Workshop 

Custom Build

From 290€

TEACHER Workshop
≡ Custom Build + Teacher training

From 450€

Learn all about board building and how they are pressed. Finish a board pressed by us beforehand.

You go home with a board¹ you finished yourself².

Discover woodworking and how to build and press your own board. Once pressed, apply the finishing touches to your own deck.

You go home with a handmade board¹ you have pressed and finished².

Do it all. From shaping your own mold, pressing your deck and cutting out a custom shape to the finishing touches.

You go home with a custom mold and a 100% custom board¹ you have made yourself from A-Z².

Become a Trained-Trainer: learn all about board building and how to set up your own classes.

You go home with your own handmade board¹ and a Trained Trainer certificate.

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¹ By board, we are only talking about the skateboard itself.
Wheels, trucks, grip and graphics are not included in the
internships but possible as an option and on request.
² Optional: laser engraving of your graphics, trucks and wheels on request.

RIDER Workshop

This workshop is an introduction to board building. Perfect for those who want to discover and learn about the techniques of skateboard building. Includes a demonstration of the gluing and pressing technique with a vacuum press (Thin Air Press).

The boards you will be working on will be pressed beforehand by us and you will learn how to sand, plane and drill the holes for the trucks.

At the end of the half-day, you will leave with your board ready to varnish and setup your trucks.

☐Glue-up & pressing
☐Custom shape

PUBLIC : from 7 yrs old

Mini-cruiser : 79€
Street Deck : 89€ 
Pintail Longboard : 99€ 
Old School : 99€


MAKER Workshop

During this course you will learn how to build your own board through a demonstration and a full hands on experience.

You build your own deck from the pressing of the board to the finishing touches. You leave with a skateboard handmade by you, ready to decorate at home.

​Session 1:
- Demonstation and explanation of the process of board building.
- Glue-up and vacuum pressing of your own deck

Session 2 :
- Taking your project out of the press
- Sanding and finishing touches of your board

Your take home a board made by you from A-Z.

☑Glue-up & pressing
☐Custom shape
☑Finishing touches

DURATION : 2h (Session 1) + 4h (Session 2)
PUBLIC : from 12 yrs old

Mini-cruiser : 155
Street Deck : 170€ 
Pintail Longboard : 190€ 
Old School : 190


SHAPER Workshop

Want to take it even further? This workshop is for those who to want to build their own unique 100% custom board.

You build your own custom deck from A-Z, design and fishing touches.

This course is similar to that of a MAKER workshop, in addition you will shape your own mold (which you can take home with you at the end of the day), custom design and cut out your deck.

Option: Laser engrave your board.

Session 1 :
- Demonstration and explanations of all the steps and techniques of board building
- Design and shape your own custom mold
- Glue-up and pressing of your board

Session 2 :
- Taking your project out of the press
- Preparing your personalized template
- Cutting out your board to the custom shape you have chosen
- Sanding and finishing touchese

☑Glue-up & pressing
☑Custom dimensions
☑Sanding & planing

DURATION : 6h (Session 1) + 6h (Session 2)
PUBLIC : from 16 yrs old

Dream Board : 290


TEACHER Workshop

Participants will learn the process of building skateboards and how to run their own skateboard-building programs.

Each person will receive a Roarockit workbook with curriculum to discuss class set ups, teaching, safety, administration and funding.

Each person will glue, laminate and finish their own maple skateboard.

All the steps of the SHAPER workshop are included and you leave with your own custom deck. A certificate will be issued to those who complete the full course sessions 1 to 3.

After sessions 1 and 2 are completed the participant is asked to shape and gain experience own his or her own. Once this is done, we book session 3. Explained below.

Session 1 et 2 : See Shaper Workshop

Session 3 :
- Participant will be place in a workshop scenario
- Q&A on the material
- How to shape a custom mold
- Making and cutting out of a template
- Material maintenance and any problems or questions encountered during your own experience since the last sessions
- Overview of the different steps and processes of board building, from the glue-up to finishing touches
- Discussions on class set-ups
- Administration and funding.

☑Glue-up & pressing
☑Custom dimensions
☑Sanding & planing
☑Learning process

DURATION : 6h (Session 1) + 6h (Session 2) + 6h (Session 3)

PUBLIC : from 18 yrs old

From 1 to 5 participants
450 € per person
From the 6th participant
+ 50 € per additional person


How it works?

Please write to us at info@roarockit.eu or call us on 05 24 72 39 09 for the next dates.

The time slots are defined together by appointment.

The workshops take place at our warehouse:
Roarockit Skateboard Europe
23 rue du 503e Régiment,
33127 Martignas-sur-Jalles

Gift Cards: Are you unsure of your availability or would you like to offer a workshop as a gift? Find our gift cards here.

What you should plan?

Clothing: We advise you to wear clothes that are safe during the courses. Although the glue and varnish we use are water-based products, once soaked into the fabrics, it is difficult to get them out (Clothing and shoes included).

Gloves and an apron may also be worn during gluing to ensure protection of the clothing. As dust and sawdust are omnipresent, a mask is recommended for all people who are sensitive to these materials.

Allergies: Please tell us if you have allergies or other health concerns. If there are places to prevent.

Safety: When the skateboard is finished, Roarockit approves and advises the wearing of helmets and other safety equipment at all times of use. Ride safely and according to your abilities.