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Skateboard building in the classroom and Workshops

A big part of Roarockit's business is working closely with schools, after-school programs and non-profit organizations. There are many great programs/organizations around the world who have integrated board building using Roarockit Technologies into their students curriculum. It is such an amazing thing to see a full classroom of kids, walking away with a high quality, handmade board of their very own... not to mention some of the coolest graphic and design jobs we've seen in the skateboard industry!

While it is not a 'traditional' method of teaching by any means, instructors who have used the program have reported many benefits in their classrooms, including:

  • attendance levels are up
  • students are focused, attentive and apply themselves to complete their decks
  • At-Risk, Over/Under achievers easily grasp the learning concepts and excel
  • teamwork and mentorship occur naturally during the build process
  • students discover hand work skills they didn’t know they had
  • the program provides great flexibility to include required learning
  • students relate well to skateboards and its counter-culture aspects
  • it is a great opportunity to involve their immediate and outside community
  • it can be a self-supporting program for materials
  • is a great fund-raising program

Another great part about the Roarockit skateboard deck builds is that they do not require the use of power tools and can be done in any classroom, or even outdoors...we've even had classrooms set up on picnic benches in a park! There are also no harmful glues, paints or coatings required, and the Thin Air Press is considered to be the 'greenest' method of pressing skateboards in the world (it's all hand powered!).

As part of our push to see more and more schools/programs building boards with their kids, we work diligently to help build a scenario that matches your particular teaching needs in regards to time constraints, class size and budget.

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Please feel free to give us a call at +335 24 72 39 09 or email us directly at sarah@roarockit.eu for any further information or questions.