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Edging tool

Q: Why not use a power sander?

A: We recommend this Surform® Scraper hand tool over a power tool, as when sanding a skateboard, there is the potential for removing too much material too quickly. Using the hand scraper means you have more control over the edging process.

Q: Are these safe for young people to use?

A: While they are very easy to grip, these scrapers will remove a lot of skin very quickly, from young or old hands! Keep fingers and knuckles away from the blade.

Q: Are refills available for this?

A: They are available, but at almost the same cost as the scrapers themselves so we do not carry them

Q: What other hand tools would do the same job?

A: A small block plane, a spoke shave or shoe rasp. A cabinet scraper is also handy for some areas.