Kurvige Zeichnung Vorlage


Kurvige Zeichnung Vorlage


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Wie man dieses Produkt benutzt

The CURVY is useful for drawing the outside profile radius of a skateboard.

Draw lines with pencil when possible so as not discolour the edges and keep them clear for better visualizing.

Lay tape onto the template then make marks onto the tape.

When drawing a curve that requires a match on the opposite side, mark the start and stop points on the template, then flip the template over to achieve the matching curve.

This is a drawing template. Do not use knives or blades, we recommend just using pencil lines.

Use at room temperature. Very cold temps will make the CURVY template brittle and prone to snapping.

(German translation coming soon)


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Kurvige Zeichnung Vorlage

Kurvige Zeichnung Vorlage


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