It is with pleasure that we share today Kris Klima’s guitar body project. Kris applied a new skin to his guitar and kindly shared with us his experience and feedback of using the Roarockit Luthier Thin Air Press Kit. Hi, I’m Kris and what you’re looking at is an Ibanez […]

Kris Klima: Luthier Project

Nous continuons notre tour du monde incroyable des Shaper Roarockit. Et comme vous le savez, nos kits ne servent pas qu’à fabriquer des skate. Alors après avoir découvert Aled sur notre page instagram , fabricant de stylos avec nos chutes de matières premières, c’est au tour de MojoBoxGuitars alias Pierre Marc […]

Shaper of the Month – MojoBoxGuitars

Daniel contacted us a few weeks ago with pictures of his builds and what he was up to! We loved his decks and couldn’t resist putting forward his project that has gone from a winter hobby to a passion and small board building line. Give it up to this board […]

KriD Strassenbretter – Daniel Krismer