Today, we would like to introduce David Zuber, skater, designer and builder.   Following several email exchanges, David sent us some images and details of a school project he had been working on. His project intrigued us, so we wanted to find out more…   « I started Skateboarding when I […]

Shaper of the month : David Zuber

Commençons par une présentation de notre “Shaper of the month”. D’où viens-tu ? Quel âge as-tu ? Que fais-tu dans la vie ? Tes passions ? N’hésite pas à donner les informations que tu souhaites pour te présenter. Me présenter en quelques mots ? Je m’appelle Olivier, j’ai 26 ans, et […]

Shaper of the month – Interview Olivier Martinez

This month’s shaper has kindly written his story in Italian and in English, so pick your language and enjoy! Fabio Brambilla – a talented Italian skateboard builder, with a passion for skateboarding and custom decks, has recently launched his own brand: Broken Board Design! Read on to find out more… […]

Interview Fabio Brambilla – Broken Board Design : Italian Version