Aujourd’hui c’est avec immense plaisir que nous présentons le projet de Rémy et Alain, enseignants à la Fondation de Serix, en Suisse. Ils sont venus nous rendre visite il y a un an et ont depuis lancé la Fabrication de Skateboard en tant que projet annuel dans leur école. Un […]

Board building School of the year: Foundation de Serix Classe ...

Today, we would like to introduce David Zuber, skater, designer and builder. Following several email exchanges, David sent us some images and details of a school project he had been working on. His project intrigued us, so we wanted to find out more… « I started Skateboarding when I was about […]

Shaper of the month : David Zuber

Looking for that perfect gift for family and friends? We have put together some creative, DIY and unique ideas that will put a smile on their faces for sure this Christmas!   Build Your Own Skateboard Kits:- includes everything you need to build 2 professional quality skateboards (street deck, longboard, cruiser & 100% […]

DIY Christmas