It is with pleasure that we share today Kris Klima’s guitar body project. Kris applied a new skin to his guitar and kindly shared with us his experience and feedback of using the Roarockit Luthier Thin Air Press Kit. Hi, I’m Kris and what you’re looking at is an Ibanez […]

Kris Klima: Luthier Project

Aujourd’hui c’est avec immense plaisir que nous présentons le projet de Rémy et Alain, enseignants à la Fondation de Serix, en Suisse. Ils sont venus nous rendre visite il y a un an et ont depuis lancé la Fabrication de Skateboard en tant que projet annuel dans leur école. Un […]

Board building School of the year: Foundation de Serix Classe ...

Today, we would like to introduce David Zuber, skater, designer and builder. Following several email exchanges, David sent us some images and details of a school project he had been working on. His project intrigued us, so we wanted to find out more… « I started Skateboarding when I was about […]

Shaper of the month : David Zuber