Bonjour, je m’appelle Alex et j’ai 41 ans. Je suis originaire de Compiègne dans l’Oise et je vis à Helsinki (Finlande) depuis presque 20 ans. Après une quinzaine d’années passées dans l’enseignement j’ai souhaité me réorienter vers la menuiserie. Je pratique les sports de glisse d’hiver depuis presque 40 ans, […]

Shaper of the month: Alex Chireux

Thank you for taking the time to be a part of our “Shaper of the month” articles. It is a pleasure to see and put forward your work! – We will start with a little presentation of yourself. Where do you come from? How old are you? What is your […]

Shaper of the month – Matheus Iark

Aujourd’hui c’est avec immense plaisir que nous présentons le projet de Rémy et Alain, enseignants à la Fondation de Serix, en Suisse. Ils sont venus nous rendre visite il y a un an et ont depuis lancé la Fabrication de Skateboard en tant que projet annuel dans leur école. Un […]

Board building School of the year: Foundation de Serix Classe ...

Commençons par une présentation de notre “Shaper of the month”. D’où viens-tu ? Quel âge as-tu ? Que fais-tu dans la vie ? Tes passions ? N’hésite pas à donner les informations que tu souhaites pour te présenter. Me présenter en quelques mots ? Je m’appelle Olivier, j’ai 26 ans, et […]

Shaper of the month – Interview Olivier Martinez

It’s that time of year again !   Along with many Freerides organised all over the world, the IDF Championships (International Downhill Federation) have also taken off ! Starting with two races in the Philippines, where we will be able to follow the progress of Team Rider Julien Fouchard and new this […]

Team Riders 2019

Today we are taking a moment to introduce Julien Fouchard: Roarockit Skateboard Europe’s Luge Team Rider. This introduction is very overdue, as Julien Fouchard has now been riding for the Roarockit Team since 2016. An enthusiast of the Street Luge and Classic Luge, Julien has been riding since 2012 and started […]

Team Luge Rider Julien Fouchard

This month’s shaper has kindly written his story in Italian and in English, so pick your language and enjoy!   Fabio Brambilla – a talented Italian skateboard builder, with a passion for skateboarding and custom decks, has recently launched his own brand: Broken Board Design! Read on to find out […]

Interview Fabio Brambilla – Broken Board Design: English version

Daniel contacted us a few weeks ago with pictures of his builds and what he was up to! We loved his decks and couldn’t resist putting forward his project that has gone from a winter hobby to a passion and small board building line. Give it up to this board […]

KriD Strassenbretter – Daniel Krismer