It’s that time of year again !


Along with many Freerides organised all over the world, the IDF Championships (International Downhill Federation) have also taken off !

Starting with two races in the Philippines, where we will be able to follow the progress of Team Rider Julien Fouchard and new this year riding another Roarockit Luge is Olivier Gerling.

With Julien coming in 5th of Europe and 17th in the overall world ranking IDF Championships last season 2018 and 10th of Europe and 27th world ranking for Olivier Gerling, they are bombing the hills all over the world this year.




Competing this 2019 season in the following races :

Julien & Olivier on the starting line Seaside Philippines


Keeping It High, PHILIPPINES


Barcelone, Espagne

Verdicchio, ITALIE


Transylvania, ROUMANIE

La Violenta, ARGENTINE

Yaku Raymi, PEROU

Thoroughly looking forward to following these two in their adventures and races of this season 2019 ! It is going to be epic !

And of course the best of luck to all riders out there ! Enjoy and ride safe !


Update: Before we had the chance to publish this, the races in the Philipinnes have come and gone.
Julien and Olivier both performing superbly, until a crash has led Julien to sadly step back from the competition this year. We wish Julien and Zen Rasta (also involved in the crash) a fast recovery!

And to Olivier a massif congratulations for finishing 3rd overall! Felicitations!


Dream it, Make it, Ride it

News, rankings and more available on the IDF website :
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Olivier Gerling –> Facebook Instagram


Olivier on podium with his Roarockit Street Luge