Old School Refill 5 sets veneer


224,50 €

Includes five sets of Old School shaped maple veneer 7-layer sets. 

Designed to supplement our deck builder kits, this Refill kit will keep you building more and more boards.

Or try building a different shape (Lil'Rockit, Street Deck or Pintail) with a Veneer and Mold Refill Kit.

All 4 shapes of boards can be pressed in the 14 x 47” Thin Air Press or larger.

Recommended glue amount for this kit: 46 oz (136 cl)

How to use this product:

Use this Refill Kit with the Builder Kit or TAP bag you already have, as an additional supply of veneer.


Store unused veneer in a stable environment, away from any heat sources. Protect it from extreme humidity, or lack of it, by wrapping in plastic. Lay veneer flat to prevent warping.


Q: As this kit doesn’t include glue, where do I get it?
A: Glue is available from this website, to see this product click here.

Q: What else do I need to make a board?

A: If you don’t already have these parts in your complete kit, a glue roller, a rasp, and sandpaper. Then a final clear coatwater-based, water-proof or out door/exterior Varathane is recommended.

Q: What do I do if my veneer breaks or splits?

A: Veneer is fragile until laminated, and it is common to split or snap (especially the cross grains). A stripe of glue and some masking tape to hold it until it dries will fix broken or split sheets.  

Number of Decks included5 sets of pre-shaped veneer
2 Cross band, 3 CORE sheets and 2 FaceIncluded per set
Size of the deck after sanding32''L x 9 1/2'' W (81,28 cm x 24,13 cm)

How to build a deck using the Roarockit pre-shaped veneer


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Old School Refill 5 sets veneer

Old School Refill 5 sets veneer

Includes five sets of Old School shaped maple veneer 7-layer sets. 


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