Longboard Birch Veneer 9 ply

9 Ply - Birch Longboard Veneer


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9 Ply - Birch Longboard Veneer

Canadian Birch has more flex and is the lightest veneer that we offer.

The more you buy, the less the cost per set. You choose exactly how many boards you want to make and also choose if you want 7, 8 or 9 layers in each set.

If you have ever seen a birch tree swaying in the wind, you know that birch will bend a long way without breaking. Use birch instead of bamboo to add flex to your boards. Birch is also slightly lighter than either bamboo or maple.

How to use this product: 

We offer birch veneer as an alternative and/or addition to our maple skateboard veneer. As with the maple, this is rotary cut to 1/16 thick.

Builders have been mixing birch with maple to build a hybrid board that combines the strength of maple with the flexibility and lightness of birch.

Our solid birch veneer is not to be confused with Baltic Birch which is already a plywood, made from layers of birch with a cross ply in the middle. Solid birch veneer will allow you to achieve much more radical shapes than the plywood.

Design and build your own custom longboard using this premium 1/16 thick veneer. This veneer is best used in a Thin Air Press vacuum bag, which applies pressure evenly over the entire board. It eliminates the problem of voids and missed spots, a common problem with some other types of presses.

Using many layers of 1/16 veneer will allow you to create fairly radical curves, which will add strength to your board.

Consider the amount of flex you want to build into your new board. Experiment with using 7, 8, 9 or even more layers of veneer.

When laying up your board, follow the rule that your cross grain sheets should always be layered closest to the middle of your stack, with one layer of core in between the 2 cross grains. We do not recommend any more than 2 cross grain sheets per board.

Best Vacuum Bag size: 20 x 70 Thin Air Press TPK20

Glue (estimated) per 9 layer deck: 21 oz (62 cl)

Longboard Birch Veneer Set9-sheets of Birch per set
2 Cross band, 5 CORE sheets and 2 FaceIncluded per set
Width30.5 cm (12'')
Length122 cm (48'')
Thickness1/16'' (1.58 mm)

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Veneer expands and contracts with moisture. Our veneer is shipped with 7-9% humidity. Keep your veneer stored away from heat sources, and lay it flat.

If your work area is very dry, keep your unused veneer sealed in plastic (a garbage will do) until you are ready to use it.

Until it is laminated together, veneer sheets are prone to splits, especially the cross grain sheets. Handle them with care, but if any sheets do split, they can be repaired with a bead of glue and masking tape.


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9 Ply - Birch Longboard Veneer

9 Ply - Birch Longboard Veneer

Canadian Birch has more flex and is the lightest veneer that we offer.


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