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It is with pleasure that we share today Kris Klima’s guitar body project. Kris applied a new skin to his guitar and kindly shared with us his experience and feedback of using the Roarockit Luthier Thin Air Press Kit. Hi, I’m Kris and what you’re looking at is an Ibanez […]

Kris Klima: Luthier Project

Comment construire une planche drop deck 1″   Ce tutoriel montre comment construire une planche drop deck 1″ en un seul collage. La meilleure chose au sujet de cette planche est qu’elle peut être construite en moins de 3 heures (sans compter le temps de séchage de la colle). Matériaux […]

Comment construire une planche drop deck 1″

This tutorial shows how to design templates and use hand tools to shape a foam mold for building a skateboard deck in the Roarockit Thin Air Press. I developed the one-sided foam mold in 2001 as part of the original Roarockit skateboard deck making kits. I needed to find a lightweight mold for shipping, and through experimenting, found […]

How to Shape a Foam Mold