Several months ago, Roarockit received an order from Wood’n’Stuff. Ever since, we have been in admiration of his work, following his technics and the evolution of his projects. Now, months down the road, we are particularly proud to be able to share the story behind Wood’n’Stuff and what it has become […]

Wood’n’Stuff – Peter Karsai

Cela fait déjà un petit moment que l’on connait et que l’on suit avec attention le travail d’Audrey. C’est donc fièrement que l’on vous propose de la découvrir à travers cet interview honnête et sans complexe : 1. Salut Audrey, peux  tu te présenter ? Quel âge as tu (pas […]

RideThe Wood – Audrey Fasquelle

A few months ago, Martijn Janssen contacted us with the intention of  starting up a « Build Your Own Skateboard » workshop at the Grafisch Lyceum in Rotterdam, Holland. We were more than happy to get him sorted with what was needed and only a little while later we were over the moon, […]

Build Your Own Skateboard Workshop – Grafisch Lyceum, Rotterdam

Voilà maintenant un an que nous avons rencontré Phil pour la première fois. En plus d’être très sympathique, il a indéniablement un véritable talent pour le shape. Il nous raconte ici son parcours et ses futures projets!…   1- Salut Phil, tu peux te présenter ? Tu as quel âge, tu viens d’où, […]

Badbigboys Custom Longboards – Phil Dupuis

We would highly recommend checking out what this builder has been up to!! Not only is he all about the DIY, but he also made an amazing board with the Thin Air Press! And a step by step article on his blog shows you how. Be sure to check it out:

DIY Powsurf