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6 Ply + 1 color - Street Deck Canadian Maple Veneer


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6 plies + 1 color - Canadian Maple Street Deck veneer :

The more you buy, the less the cost per set. You choose exactly how many boards you want to make.

Our maple is grown in the north of Canada, where the very long and very cold winters mean the tress grow very slowly. Tight growth rings mean denser wood veneer. Canadian-grown maple is always the best choice for making strong skateboards. 

A SFI-certified mill rotary cuts logs for us, and sorts to our exacting specifications.


Each set of veneer includes: 

  • Two maple sheets called "crossband": 1/22 '' thick (1.15 mm)

  • Five long grain maple sheets at 1/16 '' thick (1.58 mm), called "face", "core" or "neutral fiber" depending on their position in the stack of your board.

Our colored sheets are only available in long grain format.

The colors currently available are:

Green, red, blue, yellow, black and cyan


How to use this product: 

Design and build your own custom skateboard using this 1/16 '(1.58mm) thick veneer.
This veneer fits perfectly in our vacuum presses (Thin Air Press), which apply uniform pressure across the entire board.

By assembling several 1/16 'layers of veneer, you will be able to create radical curves, which will add rigidity to your board. 

The classic assembly of a seven ply corresponds to the following stacking:

  •  One face: long grain ply,
  •  One core: long grain ply,
  •  A crossband ply,
  •  A core (also called neutral fibre, in the center of the board): long grain ply,
  •  A crossband
  •  One core: long grain ply,
  •  One face: long grain ply

Until they are laminated together, veneer sheets are prone to splitting, especially cross band sheets. Handle them with care.


Glue (estimate) per deck: 12 oz (35.58 cl)

Best Vacuum Bag size: 20 x 70 Thin Air Press TPK20

Click FAQs for more information about our Canadian maple veneer.

1 Set / Deck includes2 Face sheets (one of which coloured veneer), 3 long grain and 2 cross grain
Width24 cm (9.5'')
Length86.5 cm (34'')
Thickness1/16'' (1.58 mm)
Thickness of crossband sheets1/22'' (1,15 mm)

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6 Ply + 1 color - Street Deck Canadian Maple Veneer

6 Ply + 1 color - Street Deck Canadian Maple Veneer

Canadian Maple makes the strongest skateboards in the world!


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