skate-n-chair- Roarockit to make a chair with only skateboards


Skate N' Chair


3 000,00 €

The Skate N’ Chair 


The Skate N’ Chair is a project made by Roarockit Skateboard Europe in order to raise funds for NGO Skateistan. 


This handmade chair takes its name from its design : 10 curved and assembled skateboards decks whose flexibility provides a natural rocking sensation, similar to that we can find when sitting in a traditional rocking chair. 


In detail, this chair is composed of 4 street decks, 3 pintail longboards and 3 mini-cruisers for a total of 70 sheets of Canadian maple wood. Each top sheet of these boards has been selected for their wavy and birds eye effects. The rarity and aesthetics of these maple sheets add a unique side to this chair. 


It took a little over a month to complete this project. The pressing of the boards required a particular technique to obtain these curves. An ultra-resistant glossy varnish has been chosen to highlight each board providing a velvety impression. Wheel-truck set-ups have been installed on all three legs to accentuate the rocking sensation and also makes this chair easily mobile.   


100% of funds raised by the sale of this piece will be donated to SKATEISTAN. 


Design and production: Sarah Jackson & Nicolas Alix

Varnish: Alexandre Marin. 


Skateistan is an ONG that we care about deeply.  


Skateistan is a non-governmental organization, which empowers children through skateboarding and education in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa. 

 In the words of its founders, it is about: "creating a better future for these young people and their communities, through innovative programs that aim to develop the experiences and skills of each of them".


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Skate N' Chair

Skate N' Chair

The Skate N’ Chair is a project made by Roarockit Skateboard Europe in order to raise funds for NGO Skateistan.

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